"Take care of yourselves and each other, and always remember my motto:
Itís ok to work hard, as long as you play harder."

-Joe Milligan,
in an email to his parents 7/02

Mac Borling
November 2, 2002
4:15 PM

Most of my memories of the funnest times are with you Joey. Countless days out at the condo surfing and crusing the beach at night. Catching barrel after barrel on the day we called "Florida Pipeline." Any time I think about snowboarding I think about you and me deep in the woods. I remember one time we went out of bounds and found a small trail cutting hard left around the side of a steep incline. It started getting pretty sketchy but there was no way back so we just kept going forward. Finaly we came to the end of the path and the only way down was an incline almost straight down with only just enough room for a person to fit in between the trees. I remember voicing my doubts about the wisdom of our choice to come this way (to put it nicely) but you did not hesitate to take the first plunge. You dropped in on the slope, instantaneously hauling ass and perfectly maneuvered through the dense trees. This is the way I remember you Joe, fearless and ever in search of that rush that makes life great. Now once again you are the first to make the plunge, this time charging into the next life, whatever it may be. Just make sure you save me a spot on the couch at the condo and a spot on the lift because someday I hope to be right there next to you, once again. I love you and will miss you until that day.

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