"Take care of yourselves and each other, and always remember my motto:
Itís ok to work hard, as long as you play harder."

-Joe Milligan,
in an email to his parents 7/02

Thinking of you today Joey. Miss you.... more

18 years...hard to wrap my mind around that. Still think about you all the time and miss you so much it hurts ♥️... more

Just on my mind, Joe.... more

I had a realization about you today Joey. For two years now Iíve been practicing mindfulness meditation most every morning t... more

Joe,I've thought about you since the moment I woke up a few days ago. I know you had a happy birthday up there. You are never... more

Would be your 40th birthday today. I will pause, and think of you, and the quality of your character and friendship today. ... more

https://play.google.com/music/m/Tg4z7nfwewprub4vl3f6emx2vg4?t=Joey_-_Sugarland Wow, I don't know how I have not heard this... more

             Brooke Newton
Never a day goes by, when I do not think of you. Forever you will be on my mind xx
Thinking of you today, Joe. I miss you.... more

Happy birthday, Joey.... more

Thinking of you, Joe. ... more

             Jon Puckett
Thinking of you today, Joe.... more

It still hurts beyond words. I will love you forever
Thinking of you, Joe.... more

If only i could see you once again. I miss you. x.
Happy Birthday Joe. You are forever in our hearts -- stronger as time goes on. I can see your welcoming smile and hear your... more

             Molly Lane
Happy Birthday Joe~ molly
Joey - thinking of you today and still miss you. I always get a little sad when I think about you this time of year, but my s... more

Thinking about you! Listening to a song that puts me right back at the airport in Sydney saying goodbye to you.
             Tyler Sears
Joe, It's been a while bubba, miss ya big man. Keep watching over the family and friends. Love ya, T... more

Happy birthday joe. I always think about your birthday in Orlando on the craziest fall break with you, Pate, Ash, Mer and I. ... more

Drew Slater
Joe, thinking of you today. Its always great to see your surfboard hanging in Pate's son's room. It reminds me of how simpl... more

thinking of you today
Thank you for visiting me in my dreams last night.athough the realization of waking up is always heartbreaking, it is so amaz... more

I miss you always, but especially this day. I wish you were here more than anyone knows
             Catherine O'Connor
Something just reminded me of how much you loved those "Choose Your Own Adventure" books when we were kids. Miss you always,... more

             Braithy (Craig Braithwaite)
Oh yeah Joe ... After all these years and about 8 mobile phones later. I still can't bear to erase your number. 5575-4730 ... more

Braithy (Craig Braithwaite)
Hey Joey ... I can't believe how much time has passed man. I still think of you often and the times we had. October 2002 will... more

             Melinda New - Kieffer
Wow kiddo it has been some time! I was just going through old pictures and saw the pictures from homecoming. Yep they are con... more

It is the day after Halloween, Joey's birthday. I think of all of the Milligan's often and they are forever in my prayers, b... more

Happy birthday hun. Thinking of u always
             Aunt Meg
Many memories but too few as well. Your smiles and laughter are always foremost. Joe, you are deeply missed by all.... more

Time goes on but the thoughts of you remain, Joe. Your smile and way of life still impress me.... more

Katie Clark
Much love to you and your family. Thinking about you Joe. Cheers from the left coast.... more

             Catherine O'Connor
Just thinking about you, Joe. Wishing you could be here to share all these experiences. See you on the other side.... more

             Anna Newsome
Joe you have been on my mind so much lately. I had another dream recently that it wasn't real and you were never really gone.... more

Mike Vogel
You have been on my mind a lot lately. My son is at the age where he loves the beach. Every time I take him it reminds me of ... more

             Luke Wientzen
Wow, it's been a long time since i've looked at your site joe. ive spent the past three summers in bali and other areas of i... more

             Shannon Mendis
Thinking about you!!
been thinking of you a lot latly, i guess its that time of year. happy early b-day... wish you were here. oh yeah... thanks f... more

Miss you Joe and Represent!... more

thinking of you.xoxo...i miss you.
Thinking of you.............x.
             Jerry MAncini
Joe was an amazing guy. I will never forget him. All the best to everyone.... more

             John Sherman
I was just infromed about this memorial about Joey today, March 12, 2008. I was a buddy of Joey at Park Maitland then I reun... more

Cousin Erica
Joe....I remember when Tyler and I were really little and you and Katie took us to Mystery fun house. I will never forget how... more

with time its better they say.i have had a hard time with this.i have bailed on more loggs here than i can remember.not a day... more

I just discovered this website today...don't know why it took me so long. I had the glorious honor of being Katie and "Joey'... more

ben evennett
Mate, i have been going through some old fottage of indo.....G-land was amazing, and you were ripping.... Backside no hands ... more

Was in Pales Verdes yesterday afternoon walking around the cliffs and the beautiful, majestic waves made me think of you Joe.... more

             Kevin Skinner
I was down the street from you condo again...I think it will always be one of those places that when I see it, I am immediate... more

Brad Barnard
Joe. I still think of what happened to you. I still remember standing on your dock after the funeral. Looking at the most ... more

             Joe Milligan
My name is Joe Milligan, I show a lot of my friends this website and it is a tradgedy that all this crazy stuff happens, it r... more

             Catherine O'Connor
Still thinking of you often, Joe. ... more

george milligan
many thanks to all of you who have posted recently on this, the fourth anniversary of the bombing and joe's birthday. also t... more

Happy Birthday sunshine! You have not left my thoughts once today. Hope your celebrating up there. xx.
hei joe! one thing we know.. whernever we go ..wherenever we are you are always wiz us. so, we have courage for anythi... more

Hamish Daud Wyllie
I went to visit you yesterday on the 4th year gathering.. Miss you always Joe.. I know you see me whenever i drive past.. and... more

I went sky diving to honour you yesterday Joey. Felt amazing being that little bit closer to you. There was the most beaut... more

             Kevin Skinner
I was at the beach last weekend...right down the street from your condo....it brings back alot of memories...in fact, I was s... more

Shawn Skinner
More and more often I see some little thing in the world that reminds me of Joey. I wasnít one of his best friends, but the o... more

             Katie Clark
joe. there hasn't been a swell for a while out here...and suddenly, there is one today, october 12th, and it's only today. i ... more

             Tracy (Droessler) Larson
You all are in my thoughts today as I read the news about Indonesia cutting the jail terms of the convicted bombers. I think ... more

I was looking for a perfect picture for a mural in an outer banks beach house, and I think the one of Joe with the dolphins i... more

I just found this site, and Im very sorry for the passing of your son. It looks like he was an incredible sportsman, and from... more

             BROOKE NEWTON
Hi everyone, I just wanted to post a note to let you all know that myself and girlfriend Amanda Lindsay will be travelling... more

I had the BEST dream of you last night. Thank you for comming to see me. There isn't a day that goes by that I do not think o... more

             Melinda Rizzo (Mathews)
I just ran across an old picture of Joe and I from Homecoming our Jr. year. I still can't believe what happened. Joe was one ... more

             Bill Bolton
I'm sure he knows, but just wanted to let Joe know that I think of him often and miss him.... more

I have always wanted to post a comment on here, I think I felt funny because Joe was my brothers friend, that shouldnt stop m... more

Thinking of you Joe on your birthday, as always. ... more

Happy Birthday Joey! Been thinking about you a lot lately, as I always do this time of year. Its still so painful to know tha... more

Tom Devine
Joey was the first infant I got to see and remember vividly and watch grow. I was born 10/29/1970 and just two days ofcourse... more

             katie clark
joe. a bunch us got together last wednesday night in san francisco to celebrate you and watched the doc your sister made. eve... more

             Jon Puckett
October was always the best time of the year! Good surf and good times. Birthdays for most of us "charleston boys". We alway... more

My heart aches just as much today as it did 3 years ago. I only wish I could recieve one of your big generous bear hugs to he... more

             Brooke Newton
It has become very aparent that you have been close to me lately Joe. I still feel your every touch & know that you have been... more

I can't believe it's been 3 years. There's a new song out- Who You'd Be Today- and I think of you everytime I hear it. Joe I ... more

Katie Clark
joe - i met this kid out surfing last week and he reminded me so much of you. missing you lots and thinking of you every time... more

             Megan Deming
I ran into a friend of Joe's about 6 months ago who told me of the news. I never knew. I had spent a summer with Joe and a g... more

             Shannon Mendis
Thinking of you as I always do. I miss you man!
Thinking of you Joe..missing you. ... more

Not too long ago I woke up early to the happiest feeling that immediately turned to a pit in my stomach. I had been dreaming... more

I went snowboarding recently. There was so much powder I suppose it felt like surfing and you know me, I felt like I might d... more

Kathy Patria
I learned about Joe's site from Mike Vogel; although I did not know him, I offer my regrets to the family. Joe must have bee... more

             Mike Vogel
I miss you Joe.... more

             Ellen Rizzo- Gres
Here we are, November 1st, 2004. The day after Joe's birthday. This October was a tough one for Kyle and me. We were married ... more

happy birthday joe! missing you...
             Rich Condon
It was two years ago today that you were taken from us, it still doesn't make sense. I swear I can hear you laughing sometime... more

             Theresa Sila
Dear Joe, I don't know who you are until a few days ago when i passed the bomb scene and i saw your picture. i dont know why... more

Brooke Newton
I miss you.....x.
             Mike Vogel
I don't remember when Joe and I first hung out. Our sisters were born on the same day and I think we were friends before we w... more

             Luke Wientzen
I met Joe in Charleston in the fall of 2000, mabey 2001 (t seems like a long time ago now) through Andy Smythe and Dave ... more

Jennifer Granada
I am so lucky to have known Joe. Joe was a true and honest person. His passion for life is inspiring. He lived a life tha... more

There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about you bro. I love you.
             damon regan
Thank you Joe for allowing me to focus on the good of this world by helping me remember you.... more

Erin May
Thinking of Joe and his family this holiday season. Merry Christmas to all and best wishes for a happy and healthy 2004! ... more

             george milligan
Well Joe, it's Christmas eve of the second Christmas without you. It's been hard. Rest in peace, Joester. Dad... more

             Anna C arr
Well I've been waiting until I felt like I was ready to do this. I can't believe it's been over a year! I have too many wond... more

Jon Puckett
Joe, Happy Birthday bro! I have so many great memories of our times together on this day. I still think back to the days whe... more

             Ellen Rizzo
Today is Joe's 25th birthday. I can't believe we are all grown up, but no matter how many years go by there will always be a ... more

...1 year...your still in my thoughts on a daily basis. I thought i saw you in the line up a few weeks ago. I kept staring at... more

Ben Baker
Dear Joe, I've had your picture hanging up on my desk at work of you jumping so freely into the ocean that you loved since... more

             seth womble
Had a moment for Joe this past weekend...it's been a whole year already. I live in Australia now and there were memorial ser... more

             Maxine Siegel
You made me smile when we first met. You made me smile when you showed up at our hotel room in the middle of the night and t... more

Amanda Kulics Bennett
Well, it has been a year now, and there has not been a day that has gone by that I didn't think of Joe Milligan. He had that... more

             Tracy (Droessler) Larson
I never knew "Joe," but I spent some fun times with "Joey." I always looked forward to babysitting Joey and Katie, two precoc... more

             Kevin Skinner
Well Joe, It has been a year now since you have left and I am still struggling on coming to terms with it. There are too... more

Jodie Maguire
Dear Joe, Just to let you know that Bond Uni will be thinking of you and your family in the next few days. We were lucky to ... more

             Chuck Cunningham
I was surfing in Bali during May, 2003 and was staying on the cliff above Bingin and Impossibles. As I met the friendly loca... more

             jordan merrick
after reading everyone's memories of joe, i realize that my only regret was not having known joe better. i do remember that ... more

Tyler Sears
To joe who inspired me to surf and the last words i heard from him before he left my house on christmas dinner at my parent's... more

             Jon Puckett
I had been waiting for the perfect time to ride Joe's surfboard and the day finally came. I felt that Joe and I always had a... more

             Mac Borling
A couple of nights ago I dreamed a new memory of Joe. Jay, Tim, and I were on some nameless mountain where there was both sn... more

Damon Regan
We were in a middle school geography class... talking amongst ourselves while the teacher was lecturing. We were discussing ... more

             George Milligan
Well, I finally have enough composure to post again. Katie flew down from Boston last weekend and we (Julie, Katie and myself... more

             Liz Kraft (Moore)
I remember Joe mostly from monthly Weekends meetings and events back in high school. I remember both he and his sister to be... more

Tyler Phillips
I met Joe from a good friend in 1998. He was a "down-home" good guy. Joe made an impression on people around him dnd I respec... more

             chad speedy
I am so touched by everyones stories and how meaningful Joe was to everyone. I didn't get to hang out with Joe as much as I w... more

             Catherine O'Connor
A few months have passed and I sill think about and miss Joe as much as when I first heard the news. Just the other day, I r... more

Katie Milligan
I love reading everyoneís stories. I canít tell you what a comfort this website is to my family. We are sorry we missed many ... more

             Elijah Shipley
I think, like many of you have siad, that to place a single memory of Joe above any other is a difficult task. I remember Jo... more

             Uncle Rob
I know this bulletin board of Joeís life is extremely helpful in the healing and remembering process that we are all going th... more

The short time that I knew Joe encompasses what would be a chapter in the book that is my life. There are certain people for ... more

             Rob & Heidi Vantulden
Our most vivid memory of Joe is of a young teenager in New Symrna Beach, covered with man-o-ray stings and smiling happily, a... more

             Tove og Merethe
We were as fortunate as to meet Joe on Bali. One night at Sari Club in the middle of September, standing there smiling with a... more

Christopher Byrd
The first time I met Joe was on Halloween night our freshman year in 1997. He was wearing a speedo. All the pledges were... more

             Derek Gomez
I had not heard the name Joe Milligan in some time. The memory that I will always have of Milligan is one who never let anyt... more

             Brandon Rich
I'm still in denial about the fact that Joe left our reality and is now adventuring in some other one. I dont know if I will... more

Damon Regan
I donít remember now the first time I met Joe, though I try very hard to see it. I remember in middle school sharing a secon... more

             kevin bass
joe was a life long friend.i meet joe at openair preschool and i will start by telling a memory of my moms.of course she... more

             Jordan Pate
After reading all of your memories of Joe, I realize how fortunate I was to have spent the last year or so with him in Austra... more

George Milligan
Another Joe story - Julie and I went to visit Joe at the College of Charleston for Parents Weekend in the fall of his sophmor... more

             charlie smith
I have waited to post a memory of joey for so long because i was in complete denial and did not want to confront my own feeli... more

             Sam Crittenden
I can remember the first time I met Joe, when he was visiting the College of Charleston prior to his first year. He seemed li... more

lauren santucci
I was so overwhelmed by the sense of community and shared love for Joe that I felt at his service this weekend. It's remarka... more

             Dave Fragale
One of the funniest memories I can remember about Joe was after he came back from Australia and had some people over at his h... more

             Erica Sears
I know for certain that we never lose the people we love, even to death. They continue to participate in every act, thought a... more

Rich Condon
My mind has been flooded with random memories since I first learned of this untimely tragedy. The one image that repeats is ... more

             David Reed
Joe and I became friends through some of his best friends who have become some of mine. Joe is by far, one of the greatest pe... more

             don dyrda
Joe, I met your Dad the about a year before you were born, when we both became members of the Air Force Reserves flying the ... more

George Milligan
I was going to tell this story at my son's service and realized I might not be able to - the story is prompted by reading of ... more

             Ashly Gabri
Joe was a true friend. His life was simple and he made everyone around him realize that a simple life is more relaxing, enjoy... more

             Brad Barnard
Yo Katies little bro. The times we hung out, I never saw you mad and never heard a negative word come from your mouth. ... more

Julie Milligan
Dearest Joe: as I think about you today, these are some of the things I remember Ė Your smile lit up your whole face, esp... more

             Mike Simpson
It's been over ten years since I last saw or talked to Joe. When I heard the news I came here and began to read the articles... more

             Georgia Simpson
One memory I have of (Joey) was sharing the terrible vision of the Challenger blowing up. I was driving several children hom... more

I did not know Joe Milligan personally, but as an avid surfer and waterman myself.I feel a definite gratitude and inner peace... more

             Mike McLeod
From elementary school to present I have many memories of Joe. The 7th grade birthday party we had together at his house, the... more

             Marcos Ramirez
Joe was very special to a lot of people, and not to mention a great surfer. I didn't get a chance to hang out with Joe much,... more

Seth Womble
What can be said about the loss of a good friend. I only knew Joey for a couple of years, but those couple of years happened... more

             Brooke Newton
Joey, how i am missing the sound of your laughter & your soothing words. I need to hear them so. Not a day goes by and i do n... more

             Aunt Meg
Oh, Joey. You are so very missed. You touched many people in ways we may never fully know. As a youngster, you were a stud... more

Melinda New
I will always remember that smile from ear to ear. That smile that was so captivating and genuine. Being around Joe always br... more

             Kenneth Koch
Joe was definantly one of the coolest cats in the bunch. As so many of these other stories, I too have memories of laughing a... more

             anthony cardona
I went to school with joe in newcastle and I truelly had some of the best times of my life with him. Life was simple to him j... more

Brian Sears
I wish, honestly, that I had more to share about Joe than I do. What I have are a few scattered and sketchy memories that do... more

             Erin May
Joe was captivating. I met him my first year at the College of Charleston and was intrigued by him. Because of his classic s... more

             Nader Akhnoukh
I never met Joe. I wish I had. I think he would have liked this poem. Samurai Song When I had no roof I made Aud... more

Jon Puckett
I will never forget you Joe. You are such a good friend of mine. Joey gave me so many great memories of the best years of m... more

             Joe Dobie
Joey Gilligan, being in the service I hear about all the terrorism that we are up against and it's frightening. You never th... more

             Skip Sears
I live in Virginia and only saw Joe intermittently, like a Florida rain shower, during his life. Each visit was like a comp... more

Sarah Houghton
Joe and I went to prom together at Edgewater High School and had the best time. I will always remember his laugh and sense of... more

             Ian Swanson
Surfing. As far as I know, Joe just wanted to surf and be free. I attended Bond Uni. where I met him last semester. I was luc... more

             Katie Milligan
Joe, my little brother. You were certainly too young to remember the time I asked Mom when she was taking you back to the hos... more

Angela Aiello
I too did not grow up with Joe. He was a dear friend to the people who were closest to me at Edgewater. Through those people... more

             Blair Ashton
Joey was without a doubt such a great person. He will be missed by all who knew him. He always had a smile for everyone. ... more

             Doug Pertz
As I look back at the three lucky years I spent with Joe, I get this uncontrollable sense to smile. I feel extremely honored,... more

Ricky V.
Although I didn't grow up with Joe or start my college years with him, he was a great friend to some of my closest friends; B... more

             Gabe Sayer
Joe...what a character! I met Joe through all of the winter park boys- Puckett, Spencer, Higgins, Kenneth, and Jordan Pate. ... more

             Mac Borling
Most of my memories of the funnest times are with you Joey. Countless days out at the condo surfing and crusing the beach at... more

Bennett Griffin
Standing in the salon of the sportfishing boat I am currently working on I heard the phone ring. Ryan (capt) answered and the... more

             Shannon Mendis
Everyone who had the chance to meet Joe fell in love with him. He was one of those types of people....one that will carry th... more

             Damon Regan
You made me laugh, taught me to smile, and showed me how life was meant to be lived. Your qualities shined on so many so bri... more

Adam Moore
Happy birthdy Joe, this will be the most memorable one for all of us. I wish it was'nt like this, but it is. We all have to b... more

             Trent Maier
Joey was a legend in every sense of the word. I cant believe that he has been taken from all of us. he had such a great influ... more

             Brad Graham
I have been looking at an empty box now for 30 min trying to find the right thing to say. But today is your birthday and i wa... more

Catherine O'Connor
Happy Birthday Joe. Maybe your greatest quality was the ability to be friends with anyone and everyone, and in turn make... more

             Dyar McComb
Happy Birthday Joe, everyone will miss you. ... more

             Sean Druitt
Joe lived around the corner from me at Newcastle. He treated everyone with heaps of respect and he made you feel good. Joe... more

Luke Ikeda
When I got a call from matto telling me of what had happened it didn't make sense.....I spoke to Joe, what seems not too long... more

             Brooke Newton
My favourite memory was the time i saw you for the first time in my life, and i remember exactly how you looked-My gaze foll... more

             Sydney Dixon
I attended Bond University on the Gold Coast last spring semester with Joe. I was fortunate enough to take an advertising cl... more

Nathan Farr
My Memories of Joe, are probable twofold, the first, would be of joe, and his great mate RS, sitting in the Great Northern Ho... more

             Tyler Sears
There is to many memories of Joe for me to just pick out one.Which was so great about Joe cause everytime you were with him w... more

             Uncle Rob
It is evident from all the comments by people that Joe Milligan came into contact with that the one undying memory of him is ... more

Daniel Matto
Reading through the comments people have submitted here it's obvious joey made close friends wherever he went, and the time h... more

             Robert Shawn
Paddle out in memory of Joe to be held Nov.10th, 10:30 a.m.,at the Milligans beach condo. anyone who would like to participa... more

             Rory Gregg
Joey was the most laid back guy in the world. He just took yhings as they were one day at a time. I surfed with Joey on the b... more

Craig Braithwaite
It's still so hard to accept. I'd been lucky enough to spend the last few months with Joe and Jordan here on the Gold Coast. ... more

             Hamish Daud Wyllie
Its still so hard to except this whole thing. Too many laughs... it was always good times. The last time i saw Joe was at my ... more

             Chris Champness
I wish I'd had a chance to know Joe. From all of his friends' stories, he sounds like a really fine guy, with a lot going for... more

Jodi DeLeo
Joe was the first person I met when I arrived at College Lodge in Charleston. He comforted me when I was homesick for my fami... more

             Drew Slater
Joe was one the nicest guys I ever met. The thing I remeber the most about Joe was that he never stopped laughing. He could t... more

             Chad Rosen
I spoke with Rob this avo and he directed me to the site. i suppose i wasn't prepared for this, as i read others memories min... more

Meredith Folger
Joe was one of my most dear friends. No matter what kind of day I was having, as soon as I would open up one of his e-mails, ... more

             Lauren Santucci
One of my favorite memories of Joe is when he, Heather, Catherine, Julie, Kevin Bass, Julia and I all went back to Julia's ho... more

             Andy Rauls
Joe was the most likeable guy I have met. He was always smiling and always made everyone else smile. He lived every second of... more

Katie Clark
I will never forget all the times in high school crew practice that Catherine, Lauren, Julie, Heather Steward and I would fin... more

             Michael Taylor Hamden
Who was the master of answering a question with a question? That's a no-brainer! It's the one and only, the man with about a ... more

             Chad Barlow
I have so many good memories of Joe that will always put a smile on my face. I met him in Australia this summer and even thou... more

Kyle Lourie
The picture I have forever installed of Joe in my head is one of him smiling and always having a great time. He will be misse... more


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