"Take care of yourselves and each other, and always remember my motto:
Itís ok to work hard, as long as you play harder."

-Joe Milligan,
in an email to his parents 7/02

Brooke Newton
October 8, 2005
6:09 AM

It has become very aparent that you have been close to me lately Joe. I still feel your every touch & know that you have been with me at signficant times over the last few months.

I still remember every single thing about you, the way your hair would fall & cover your left eye & how you would forever be pushing it back.

I even remember vividly the small freckle on the back of your right hand.

I always know where to find you when I need you most Joe. I guess that is what soul mates will always have. Even death cannot and will not ever take that away from us.

I LOVE you with all that I am, I am so looking forward to seeing you tonight. Xoxo.

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