"Take care of yourselves and each other, and always remember my motto:
Itís ok to work hard, as long as you play harder."

-Joe Milligan,
in an email to his parents 7/02

Mike Vogel
April 7, 2004
12:39 AM

I don't remember when Joe and I first hung out. Our sisters were born on the same day and I think we were friends before we were even 1 year old. I remember playing basketball in his driveway, skipping school to go surf, getting lucky and surfing Pipeline Florida in front of his condo, even getting caught by his mom on our way to the beach during school. Joe played it off and said his mom didn't care if we went surfing so we went anyway. It was well worth it!! Not only was it firing but I had great company!!

The other day while packing to move to my new condo I found a hat from the NBA all-star game that Joe and I attended together at the Orlando Arena. Joe and I both bought the same hat to remember the game and he wore that thing until the strap broke on the back. He then taped it up so he could still wear it. It made me remember the good times we had, Joe's smile, his laidback attitude and the way that no matter who was around, Joe was always having a good time and made sure everyone else had a good time with him.

I think about you daily Joe. You are sorely missed and will always be with me in spirit. I love you Joe. Thanks for the great times and always being a true friend, you're one of a kind.

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