"Take care of yourselves and each other, and always remember my motto:
Itís ok to work hard, as long as you play harder."

-Joe Milligan,
in an email to his parents 7/02

kevin bass
December 8, 2002
7:01 PM

joe was a life long friend.i meet joe at openair preschool and i will start by telling a memory of my moms.of course she thought there was no greater gift than me.untill i brought home joe and his magical smile.there were times she wanted to rip are hair out for what ever reason we gave her on many occasions. there was only one problem, when she ready to rip are heads off and we smiled and she could no longer be the mad mom. thats when it all started. even when we became legal adults and are moms haveing to bail us out adult places she still remembers saying to mrs milligan 'they are smilling'.i have so many memories of joe i can't stay focused on one.i rememeber telling joe watching metal spark in the microwave was not a very good idea.i remember when i would i call joe and tell him i'd be there to pick him up at 8 when i wanted to leave at 9 and find him still sitting in his boxers unshowered watching a surf vid in his room.one weekend joe adam and i went to vist skinner in west palm beach to surf reef road.it was flat so we hitched a ride to peanut island on some guys boat to camp out.when we where on the island we met this guy how took a jetski and put an outboard motor and handle bars off a chopper on it.joe and i talked him into letting us ride it.we hopped on this thing and took off.we were weaving throw all these huge yaghts ancored in the intercoastal and i,m pretty sure that they all wanted to get are hands on us but they were in yaghts and we were on a crazy chopper jetski thing.we were always pushing the limits.i'm sure mr milligan remebers when we were wakeboarding and we decided to spray the the girls crew team.we got to close and i almost crashed into the boat and joe hit one of the paddles,broke it and busted.by the time we got back to the dock mr milligan had already been called and was waiting on us.we wanted to run but in a boat in a lake there aren't to many options. i make it sound like we were all trouble makers.we were not trying to make anybody mad just living life to the fullist.that's what joe did.he took every thing this world had to offer and ran with it.in highschool we had are gang.we were the 'scavengers'joe adam rob brad and i.evrey weekend was a new scavy mission.we were the click that wasn't a click.we got along with everyone.when are perents were sick of us getting in trouble for skipping school to surf,we became student assistents in the attendence office.this way we could get away with leaveing when ever we wanted to.that was untill the school got all the phone bills from 976-surf.i could sit here and go on forever about all good times, because when i reflect on joe the first thing i think of is good times.we are all blessed to know such a amazing person.when times were rough i could always count on joe to bring a smile to my face and he still does!i loved joe as a brother and that will never change.i will continue to share me memories with everyone.untill then JOE I LOVE U!!!

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