"Take care of yourselves and each other, and always remember my motto:
Itís ok to work hard, as long as you play harder."

-Joe Milligan,
in an email to his parents 7/02

Shawn Skinner
October 12, 2006
1:52 PM

More and more often I see some little thing in the world that reminds me of Joey. I wasnít one of his best friends, but the older brother of one and I knew Joe and the rest of the crew pretty well. Despite the age difference, Joe was always as cool as they come. Everyone that ever got to meet him and hang with him had to feel the same way- impressed. Not impressed by how well he did at any particular thing- rather, impressed in your mind about how genuine, thoughtful, generous, and relaxed he was about everything. He inspired people to relax and take it all in. I am so glad to know Joe Milligan- he definitely left a mark everywhere he went.

Iíll never forget-


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