"Take care of yourselves and each other, and always remember my motto:
Itís ok to work hard, as long as you play harder."

-Joe Milligan,
in an email to his parents 7/02

Theresa Sila
July 28, 2004
2:51 AM

Dear Joe,
I don't know who you are until a few days ago when i passed the bomb scene and i saw your picture. i dont know why but i started to cry. you must have been a very nice person having so many people pray and wish for you. And i know it must be very hard for your family and friends to face this lost.
Joe, these are for you..
"Dancing With The Dolphins"
Sometimes i feel like i belong to the sea
everytime i'm there, the breeze just get me
caught up.
The vision of sparkling diamonds in the water
makes me wanting to be in there.
I wanna swim the ocean and stay there for a
moment, and dance with the dolphins.
Let them carry me to their world.
Feel the heavenly swells of the ocean
Purest joy on earth
And you'll be watching me,
dancing with the dolphins....

To Joe's family and friends, be strong, God bless you all

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