"Take care of yourselves and each other, and always remember my motto:
Itís ok to work hard, as long as you play harder."

-Joe Milligan,
in an email to his parents 7/02

George Milligan
April 8, 2003
9:51 PM

Well, I finally have enough composure to post again. Katie flew down from Boston last weekend and we (Julie, Katie and myself) scattered Joe's ashes at New Smyrna on Saturday. It was a beautiful morning (perfect spring break weather) and we took my boat through Ponce Inlet (where surfers congregate) and boated down parallel to the beach until we were directly opposite our condo. The sea was alive; jellyfish, bait fish, multiple dolphin, and a single white pelican sitting on the ocean. After rememberances and the scattering, we drifted for about an hour and told "Joe" stories.

One such story (referred to by Joe's uncle Rob in his posting) goes as follows: On a beautiful spring day 22 years ago Julie was out of town and I took the kids to the beach for the day. Our condo was rented, but I figured they could swim in the pool and play on the beach while I read by the pool. To further set the stage, since it was such a beautiful day, the poolside was crowded with both renters and owners. I was the condo association president that year and I made sure the kids behaved.

During the course of the afternoon, the kids had to use the bathroom several times so we used the poolside cabana restroom. About the fifth time Joe had to go, the cabana bathroom was in use. Joe was as persistent then as he was later, so I finally told him to go to the bathroom in the pool and turned back to my reading. Suddenly the noise around the pool changed and I heard Katie screaming "Joe - No! - No!". I turned around and was horrified to see Joe standing on the edge of the pool and peeing into the pool. Horrified, I yelled to Joe to stop. Joe, being the ingenuous and literal person he was, immediately spoke loudly and clearly (by now, there was shocked silence around the pool) saying; "But Daddy, you said I could pee in the pool!". Needless to say, I slunk off back to Orlando shortly thereafter.

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